"The thing about driving, is that you can take the steering wheel, and with the steering wheel start to communicate with the road and feel a whole range of sensations that somehow satisfy all emotions." - Horacio Pagani

I've never sat in the driver's seat of a Pagani (little secret I'd rather have the Porsche 918 🤫) but I've always had a deep appreciation for the ability of automobiles to move us - both physically and emotionally. When I auto raced in my past life, driving was one of the few escapes I had to satisfy all of my senses and emotions.

After a 7 year stint in NYC, spending hours traveling on the subway with my headphones on and head down, I lost that part of me. I missed that sensation. Lately, after moving to LA and getting my Mini Cooper (like a smaller more compact Pagani), I've been heading up to Mulholland Dr to drive the winding scenic road and just feel. Sometimes I feel great with my music on and the sun shining. Other times, I feel moody AF and melancholic. Either way, it's all ok and I don't judge myself for it.

If you don't have a Mulholland Dr or a Pagani, that's cool. But I hope you can find a healthy way to feel and process your emotions without judgement. It can be done in meditation, with people you trust, dancing in your living room; it doesn't matter. It's whatever works for you. Therapy comes in many forms.

Life by Design was born out of a need for my own self-healing after decades of unresolved illness. It wasn’t until finding the courage to look within that I discovered it was my own belief system holding me back from experiencing a truly thriving life. We all have access to that thriving life. We just need to rediscover our power and ignite the healing-self. Only then can we unapologetically live a life by our own design.