“Make your growth sustainable by moving at a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming.” - @yung_pueblo

This week I had the opportunity to travel to Palm Springs with @westlem and a group of inspiring and equally as badass women entrepreneurs. We stayed in the same house together @lemontwistps (Real World style) and experienced all that Palm Springs has to offer. We ate like queens, rode into the desert with @tesloop (personal favorite cause you know I’m a car fanatic), set our intentions while making candles with @inmysolutidela, and took more photos than god. (Then again, god doesn’t have an Instagram account so…)

But my biggest takeaway from the trip is something I’ve been dealing with for quite some time now. Finding a pace of growth that’s sustainable for me. After sharing my struggles with the other girls on balancing a business, blog, instagram community, full time UX design position, self care, social life - the list goes on, I realized so many of us are dealing with the same issues. Especially, the go-getter I-can-do-it-all-type (aka us women). As a result, it’s affecting our health, relationships, and overall sense of wellbeing - when all of that effort is to achieve the opposite. Better health, deeper relationships, and greater wellbeing.

So this morning, after sitting down for my meditation, instead of turning to the next page of Yung Pueblo’s book Inward like I normally do, I decided to open to a random one. I landed on this quote, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Maybe the universe isn’t taking Instagram photos but it’s definitely here to remind us of what’s truly important in this beautiful life.

Life by Design was born out of a need for my own self-healing after decades of unresolved illness. It wasn’t until finding the courage to look within that I discovered it was my own belief system holding me back from experiencing a truly thriving life. We all have access to that thriving life. We just need to rediscover our power and ignite the healing-self. Only then can we unapologetically live a life by our own design.