Back on the East Coast for 3 weeks. New Jersey to see my college girlfriends, Brooklyn for a week to catch up with friends in the city, then Upstate New York to see my family/friends from high school and celebrate my father’s wedding.

When I left NYC almost a year ago, I called it the Farewell Tour - visiting all of the places I loved, checking off any remaining bucket list items, and saying my goodbyes. This time around, I’m calling it the Friends and Family Tour.

A lot has changed in this past year. It’s been simultaneously one of the best and worst years of my life. But coming back to this city is like returning to an old lover (I know that drill all too well). It only confirms what you already know - that you can’t go back to the life you left. That door is closed. You can fall in love with the feelings all over again - the energy of the city, those unexpected moments, the beauty of it - but you’ve changed more than the city has. New York will always be New York, that’s its power. But we are always evolving, always looking with new eyes, that’s our power.

Photo by @gmp3 one of my favorite New York photographers. He captures this city so beautifully.

Life by Design was born out of a need for my own self-healing after decades of unresolved illness. It wasn’t until finding the courage to look within that I discovered it was my own belief system holding me back from experiencing a truly thriving life. We all have access to that thriving life. We just need to rediscover our power and ignite the healing-self. Only then can we unapologetically live a life by our own design.