“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” - Bob Marley

Meeting a friend in Flatiron today and I was reminded of one of my favorite photos I took while living in the city. I used to have an office in this area and would walk by the iconic Flatiron Building everyday, twice a day.

One spring day, in my typical negligence towards the weather, I walked out to a complete downpour (I was always caught unprepared in the rain, spending my life savings on cheap bodega umbrellas).

This time was different though. Instead of running for cover under some scaffolding or into the subway station - avoiding the rain - I just stood there, frozen. It was raining so hard and caught me off guard so fast I had no where to go but to surrender (and take a pic for Instagram of course). I felt my clothes grow heavy with water and the mascara run down my cheeks, followed by a sense of complete aliveness.

Looking back, I think that’s the way a lot of us move through life. Running for cover when something doesn’t feel comfortable or easy. Showing up unprepared without the tools to manage then flailing around to find a quick fix. Anything to ease the discomfort and keep going. I know I showed up that way.

The truth is though, if we just surrender - show up to the pain and let it wash over us we don’t have to move through life looking for shelter or short term solutions. We can feel it, heal it, and set ourselves free.

And save a lot of money on cheap bodega umbrellas.

Life by Design was born out of a need for my own self-healing after decades of unresolved illness. It wasn’t until finding the courage to look within that I discovered it was my own belief system holding me back from experiencing a truly thriving life. We all have access to that thriving life. We just need to rediscover our power and ignite the healing-self. Only then can we unapologetically live a life by our own design.